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Nikka Piterman about Lending Industry in California

As a future congressman, I am pro financial literacy of California consumers. That is why financial products like payday loans in California are the solution for now. Due to the convenience and flexibility, the services of direct lending companies have become an optimal and widespread solution for obtaining a loan in CA. Even if part of the population is already well acquainted with them, they still raise many questions. Therefore, I decided to tell my thoughts on this matter.

In other words, California payday loans are a quick and straightforward way to obtain loans from any individual who for some reason cannot or does not want to use the services of commercial banks.

I assure you that applying for an online loan involves only entering personal data. Also, I think that it is essential to choose quality services. In California, there are many completely secure companies using a large number of modern protection programs, so the likelihood of someone breaking into databases is minimal. The client must be aware that in case of information leaks, the company also suffers, both in terms of image and criminal, as institutions that operate with personal data are subject to much stricter legal rules.

In my opinion, California consumers should rely only on trusted companies that provide matching services with direct lenders. Together with my team, I will bring direct loan providers closer to California residents in need.

Financial Initiatives of Nikka Peterson as Congressman

Financial Education in California Schools

Nikka Piterman is for childrens' financial education. Regardless of the profession we have, each of us gets acquainted with some financial education. The moment you get paid for what you do and use the money to buy goods or services, you enter the world of finance. Terms such as revenue management, prioritizing and planning expenses, saving, and investing should not be missing from your vocabulary. That financial education teaches children how money works, where it comes from, how to manage it efficiently, and multiply it by investing it.

Financial Courses for Students

By learning the difference between needs and wants, students will prioritize spending and save on high-value purchases or long-term goals.

A sound financial education will help them make well-informed financial decisions. Understand how financial products work and differentiate between financial instruments. To be able to choose the most suitable solution for their needs.

With a solid financial education, students will use the credit instruments properly so that you only have benefits. They will decide when to apply for credit to meet their financial needs and when saving is the best solution.

Increase of Maximum Loan Amount to $500 in California

In California, nowadays, the maximum payday loan amount is only $300, but this isn’t enough for consumers who need more money till payday. They want a short-term loan and no responsibilities for repayment till the next paycheck. In this case, installment loans aren’t a good idea because of the long-term repayment plan. That is why Nikka Piterman aims to increase the maximum amount of California payday loans for consumers in need up to $500. The future congressman hopes that CA residents will support him in this financial initiative.

Repair Budget Development for California Kindergartens

Twenty-five million dollars are expected to be distributed from the municipal budget for repair works in 1080 kindergartens in California. The works will start in the first days of June 2022.

In 61 institutions, the food blocks will be repaired, and in 53 - the sanitary blocks. The play pavilions will be rebuilt in 28 kindergartens. The future congressman states that 25 million dollars will be added to the money allocated for repairs in 2021.

More Money for Teenager Entertainments

The average expenditures made by the district / municipal local public authorities (LPA) per young adult person in 2019 amounted to 20.84 dollars, decreasing compared to 2018 (23.9 dollars). Only several regions spend above the national average per young adult.

As a future congressman empowered to support young people and support their potential, he aims to strengthen the capacity of local and national stakeholders in the process of developing and monitoring local budgets for young adults from the perspective of the need of young people, so that the potential of each young to be capitalized.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics data, in 2019 in California, the number of young people exceeded 1.1 million, almost 34% of the country's population. Compared to the allocations for 2020, in youth and sports, in 2021, a reduction of 38.4 million dollars is foreseen, and compared to the budget executed in 2019, a decrease of 62.6 million dollars. Nikka Piterman aims to increase this budget and provide young adults with everything they need for wealthy adolescence.

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